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Vintage Filigree Garnet Bezel Solitaire

Vintage Filigree Garnet Bezel Solitaire - SideVintage Filigree Garnet Bezel Solitaire - BackVintage Filigree Garnet Bezel Solitaire - Top


A stunning vintage solitaire ring with a Garnet center stone. The stone is a lovely red color, with the brown and orange tinted undertones often seen in Mozambique Garnets. Intricate filigree designs cover the whole top half of ring, and floral engraving accents the remainder of the shank. This ring exudes elegance and charm.

Additional information

Basic Details

Style #
1.8 g
14k White Gold?
Jewelry Type
Jewelry Style
Artistic and Vintage
Appraises For

Main Gemstone

0.40 cts.?
Red ?
Eye Clean ?
Stone is square step cut
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