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Asteria : Gold 3 Prong Modern Stud Earrings


A modern classic, the 3 prong earring mounting is minimalist, simple, and clean. All attention is focused on the beautiful round Asteria gemstone. This piece comes in several sizes, and the 6.5mm variety is shown in the pictures.

Additional information

Basic Details

Style #
14k White Gold?
Jewelry Type
Jewelry Style
Simple and Elegant

Main Gemstones

Total Weight
2.30 cts.?
Green ?
Round Brilliant
Heavily Included ?
Total weights for different sizes: 5mm-0.72cts, 6mm-1.16cts, 6.5mm-1.48cts, 7.5mm-2.30cts
* All weights and measurements are approximations. If you're curious, you can read more about precision in jewelry measurements.
† Expected shipping dates are estimated, and unforseen complications may arise. We will contact you as soon as possible if we believe we will be unable to meet the expected date.


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