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The best part of our day comes when we hear that we were able to make one of our clients happy. You are the reason we do it every day, and it’s our privilege to serve you.

  • Thomas F.

    Sacramento, CA
    From KCRA A-List: Excellent customer service, knowledgeable staff, incredible inventory of really fine diamonds and other jewelry. We decided to have our wedding rings custom made be Angelo, and the results were incredible. We couldn't be happier with the high quality craftsmanship that will last a life time!
  • Jo G.

    Sacramento, CA
    From Yelp.com: After contacting several jewelers to find someone who could rework a piece of heirloom jewelry, one jeweler reluctantly suggested I try Arden Jewelers. I called them, and spoke to Angelo about what I wanted done. He understood and invited me to bring in the jewelry. He did exactly what I wanted and had the piece ready the same day! He was also very reasonable! The shop is simple, but has a lot of lovely jewelry, including some neat original pieces. This is a real jeweler, not just a retail shop. They do the work on the premises and obviously make an effort to satisfy the customer. I'll be back and recommending this locally owned business to everyone.
  • Eric R.

    Sacramento, CA
    From Yelp.com: I had lost my wedding ring and only had pictures of the ring to show Angelo and Jen. Their custom jeweler was able to make a lost wax mold that ended up perfect. The new ring was fabulous and looked just like the original. We also had a pair of earrings made for my wife. Angelo and Jen are so helpful and accommodating. Their service is exceptional and the store does masterful work for excellent prices. I give Arden Jewelers my sincerest thanks.
  • Shaun M.

    Fairfield, CA
    From Yelp.com: Been here twice now. Once years ago when I got a beautiful diamond ring at a great price and now once again last week when I picked up some pearl earrings and a ring for my girlfriend and I could not be happier with the service and jewelry I was provided with. I will be back anytime I need another piece of jewelry!
  • J. W.

    Sacramento, CA
    From Yelp.com: I purchased a bracelet from Thailand that ended up having a broken link. After being told that the bracelet couldn't be repaired by several different jewelers, Arden Jewelers was able to fix it with no problem. After some wear, and to no surprise, the bracelet ended up breaking at a different part on the chain (likely due to the high karat (23k) of Thai baht gold). Additionally, the hollow gold charm on the bracelet developed a small hole from the gold being so thin. I returned to Arden Jewelers and they took GREAT care of me. Not only were they were able to fix the hole on the charm, I left with the charm attached to a beautiful necklace that they traded for the gold value of the broken bracelet! Overall I am very satisfied with the outstanding service and professionalism of Angelo and the rest of the team at Arden Jewelers. I will definitely be back.
  • Nick J.

    Carmichael, CA
    From Yelp.com: I was nervous about selling my gold. I went to a few of the cash for gold places and found some pretty shady! Arden Jewelers is amazing. The Jewelry store is nice place and the gentleman that helped me made me feel entirely comfortable. The gemologist jewelry buyer explained the whole process and he me understand how jewelry gets its value. Plus, they gave me $340 more than any other place offered. These guys are the best. I am so pleased to have found Arden Jewelers.
  • Stephanie N.

    Sacramento, CA
    Arden Jewelers is AWESOME! They offered me a way better deal than the other place across the street. Understood my story about leaving my deadbeat husband and needing a good amount to hire a divorce attorney. Angelo is the greatest, love him. Best place to sell your jewelry after a divorce.
  • Karen A.

    West Sacramento, CA
    I had a piece of jewelry I was interested in selling. I thought about sending my piece in to one or two of the online gold purchasers but I was very skeptical about sending it away. I checked around at some local jewelry stores and got some other estimates. Arden Jewelers was, by far, the friendliest and had the best price around!
  • Gertrude K.

    Sacramento, CA
    My ring had a lovely star sapphire in it. When I took it to another jeweler they told me the stone was fake and offered me $400. So I took it over to Arden Jewelers and they paid $650 which was the highest price by far. They knew the value of the star sapphire and paid me a very fair price in cash. Thanks Arden Jewelers.
  • Charles K.

    Sacramento, CA
    I went to the coin show on Saturday. The guy tested my jewelry with Acid and filed the lens off of my charm. When I said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" He said "you are just going to scrap it." I just wanted a price and he ruined my pendant and made it un-wearable. Make sure they won't break your jewelry when you just want a price. Arden Jewelers people are Gemologists and they don't do destructive tests. In other words they won't mess up your jewelry just to give you a price.
  • Paige H.

    Elk Grove, CA
    I got this flyer that said there would be gold buyers for 5 days at the Holiday Inn hotel, and that they paid the highest prices. So I brought in my Jewelry and they offered me $300. Arden Jewelers paid me $650. The hotel guys were paying so low because they were just after my gold and were paying nothing for the diamonds!
  • Sherrie L.

    Elk Grove, CA
    I stopped by another jewelers on Fair Oaks Blvd. just to see how much I could get for 2 old gold rings. The amount seemed low so I remembered how well I was treated at Arden Jewelers. I drove to their store and was pleasantly surprised that the amount to sell was much higher. Thank you Arden Jewelers.
  • Anna X.

    Sacramento, CA
    Dan offered me $250 I went down the street to get a quote from another jeweler and they only offered $175. I came right back to Arden Jewelers. My experience was great! Great service and honest business. Thank you!
  • Kelley S.

    Sacramento, CA
    I went to a gold party and got offered $160. Arden Jewelers paid me $460. Also at the Gold party I felt shuffled around, but at Arden Jewelers I was treated professionally.
  • Kathy S.

    Sacramento, CA
    I showed my yellow gold ring with a green stone to a Shane co. employee, and asked them what the stone was? The Shane Co. employee identified it as natural emerald. I brought the same ring to Arden Jewelers and Angelo identified the green stone as an assembled stone.

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