Asteria is a very unique gem. All other gems are formed by a process of the earth. Asteria was created when a meteor impacted the earth in just the right way to create a gem. Asteria is part earth and part space. It is extremely rare, rarer than gold and diamonds. What better way to say she’s one-of-a-kind?

Asteria jewelry comes straight from the stars. Some remarkable things have to happen just right to create Asteria. First off, the chances of an asteroid the size of the one that created Asteria impacting the Earth are very low. The space rock has to intersect earth’s orbit. The meteor has to be just the right size not to be burned up completely in the atmosphere. The angle of the impact has to be just right to create the necessary temperature and pressure for just a few moments to allow for the formation of Asteria. And the list goes on and on with all the things that have to happen just right to create this rare and unique gem. How else can you say she’s just right for you?

One of the novel attributes of Asteria is that it is not from this planet. To touch Asteria is to touch outer space in a more real way than most of us will ever be able to experience. Asteria is part of the universe in a more broad sense than just the Earth. It has spent more time in space than on our planet. It is from a part of the cosmos that is older than the Earth.