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  • KCRA 3 got a higher offer, you can too!

    When KCRA 3 visited Arden Jewelers, they got the highest offer for their scrap jewelry. We did it for them, and we can do it for you too. Check out this video, and then click here to learn more about selling your jewelry to Arden Jewelers.

  • The Engagement Center

    Welcome to our new and exciting hub for all things engagement.

    • Get great deals on stylish engagement rings
    • Learn all about diamonds
    • Get tips on how to propose
    • So much more

    Check it out

  • Vintage Elegance

    Try our new vintage jewelry concierge service.

    • Our expert buyers are your personal shoppers
    • We’ll find the perfect piece of jewelry for you
    • No obligation

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    Vintage and Antique Jewelry finding service in Sacramento
  • Blog: Buy Jewelry with Your iPhone

    Posted on: July 30, 2015

    People have been wearing jewelry for almost as long as there have been people. But, the way we pay for jewelry is…Read more

    Buy jewelry with Apple Pay
  • Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring Side

    Vintage Platinum Art Deco Engagement…


    A classic example of Art Deco styling in an engagement ring. This piece features strong, angular planes and geometric…More Details

  • Rose Quartz Silver Bezel Ring

    Rose Quartz Silver Bezel Ring

    Regularly $285.00 $195.00

    The simplicity of this modern ring design showcases the soft pink rose quartz center stone with a wide band that…More Details

  • Dancing Diamond Circle Pendant

    Dancing Diamond Circle Pendant

    Regularly $760.00 $395.00

    A modern version of the traditional circle pendant. The center diamond is set in a unique way that causes it to dance…More Details

  • The World’s Toughest Job

    Mom’s do so much more than we realize. One card company posted ads for a fake job, and then did some interviews. They…Read more

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The Arden Jewelers Family

Arden Jewelers is AWESOME! They offered me a way better deal then the other place across the street. Understood my story about leaving my deadbeat husband and needing a good amount to hire a divorce attorney. Angelo is the greatest, love him. Best place to sell your jewelry after a divorce.

- Stephanie N. from Sacramento, CA • read more