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  • Balance eco-friendly green engagement ring


    Introducing our new line of earth-friendly engagement rings. Celebrate what matters to you!

    • Recycled gold
    • Lab grown diamonds
    • No compromises

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  • KCRA 3 got a higher offer, you can too!

    When KCRA 3 visited Arden Jewelers, they got the highest offer for their scrap jewelry. We did it for them, and we can do it for you too. Check out this video, and then click here to learn more about selling your jewelry to Arden Jewelers.

  • Blog: Lab Grown Diamonds

    Posted on: August 4, 2016

    Diamonds are some of the rarest and most beautiful things we have found on this planet. Reproducing their…Read more

    Lab grown loose diamonds
  • Cartier Love Bracelet 1997 in 18k White Gold

    Cartier : LOVE Bracelet 1997 with…

    Regularly $15,900.00 $10,999.00

    The Cartier LOVE bracelet is a token of love that is both beautiful and meaningful. The diamond studded bangle style…More Details

  • Cathedral Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

    Cathedral Style Yellow Diamond…

    Regularly $15,995.00 $9,599.00

    Commonly the cathedral style ring narrows near the top, but this ring gently widens at the top the of the cathedral,…More Details

  • Delicate Vintage Engagement Ring with Accent Diamonds

    Delicate Vintage Style Engagement Ring…

    Regularly $1,995.00 $1,395.00

    A simple yet elegant engagement ring featuring vintage style milgrain and glittering accent diamonds. The delicate,…More Details

  • How Custom Jewelry is Made

    Custom jewelry design is one of the most fascinating things that we do. In this video we take you through the entire…Read more

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My ring had a lovely star sapphire in it. When I took it to another jeweler they told me the stone was fake and offered me $400. So I took it over to Arden Jewelers and they paid $650 which was the highest price by far. They knew the value of the star sapphire and paid me a very fair price in cash. Thanks Arden Jewelers.

- Gertrude K. from Sacramento, CA • read more