“You are going to die in 48 hours unless…” No one gives bad news like Dr. House. Giving a boring gift is not as bad as dying, but that’s what it feels like when a gift does not meet the expectations of the one we love. We may not be able to find the cure for cancer or the disease that’s killing Dr. House’s patient, but we have found the cure for the common gift!

The cure for the common gift is not of this world alone. It will take something out of this world to fix the same old boring gift. The common gift syndrome is not fatal, but it is dull. Predictable, routine, humdrum, lackluster, boring, these words are the kiss of death for any gift.

Asteria is Jewelry Created from a Meteor ImpactIf any of these words or the like were stated (or thought) about a past gift you’ve given, you may be getting common gift syndrome. But don’t stress or even lose sleep over your next gift giving event because Arden Jewelers has the cure for the common gift.