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Personalized and engraved gold jewelry gifts

Unique, Personalized Jewelry

When you give someone a beautiful piece of jewelry, you want it to mean something. Sometimes a classic pendant set with her birthstone says it all. Sometimes it’s the perfect piece to compliment that new dress she loves. But, sometimes, you want to make it more personal, more meaningful.

With this collection of stylish, personalized fine jewelry, your gift can mean so much more. Whether it’s celebrating your love with custom monogram jewelry, an inside joke engraved on a ring only she’ll understand, or a simple yet stylish name necklace, these pieces are both incredibly thoughtful and beautiful.

  1. Engravable personalized diamond halo earrings - yellow gold

    Engravable Halo Diamond Earrings

  2. Custom engraved monogram circular pendant - yellow gold

    Custom Engraved Monogram Initial Pendant

  3. Monogram Script Pendant 14k Rose Gold

    Custom Monogram Script Pendant

  4. Personalized name pendant with diamonds - rose gold

    Personalized Diamond Script Name Necklace

  5. Personalized custom initial monogram pendant with diamonds - rose gold

    Diamond Custom Monogram Square Pendant

  6. Engravable gold bar necklace with diamond accent - rose gold

    Engravable Bar Necklace with Diamond Accent

  7. Engraved ring with diamond accents - white

    Personalized Engravable Diamond Ring

  8. Personalized engravable diamond accented bar pendant - white

    Personalized Bar Pendant with Diamond Accent

  9. Modern monogram engraved initial pendant with diamonds - white

    Custom Engraved Monogram Diamond Pendant


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Custom Jewelry Design

Not seeing the perfect canvas for your ideas? That’s ok! We specialize in custom design. We would love to talk with you about your ideas. Whether it’s a small tweak to one of our existing pieces or a fully custom creation from the ground up, no project is too big or too small.

We use advanced computer aided design (CAD) software and 3D printing technology to give you unlimited design flexibility while keeping the cost lower than you thought possible. Checkout this video on how we do custom jewelry design different, and then contact one of our designers to get started today!

See Custom Designsor Contact Us

Beautiful custom work takes time. Contact us today to get started!