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  1. Pink Spinel in Minimalist Sterling Silver Necklace front view

    Pink Spinel in Minimalist Sterling Silver Necklace

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Custom Designs

  1. This open shank ring boasts two stunning bezel set pink spinels. The minimalist composition and sandblast texture makes this ring a truly unique design… read more »

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Fine Jewelry University

  1. Group of loose spinel gemstones with finished jewelry

    Gem in the Spotlight: Spinel

    Spinel may be one of the most underappreciated gemstones in all of history. For centuries it has been confused with more popular gems like ruby and sapphire, and only recently have people begun to appreciate spinel for its own natural beauty. Commonly made in a lab spinel has been used a lower cost substitute for other gems, but natural spinel is actually a stunning gem in its own right. This in-depth article covers the gemology, history, and lore of this amazing and often overlooked gem... read more »