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Jewelry Repair

Learn about laser jewelry repair and other repair techniques. Find out what you should know before you get your jewelry repaired. More on Jewelry Repair ›

  • Jewelry Repair FAQ
    Retipping is an important jewelry repair technique

    Here you will find answers for all of your jewelry repair related questions. If you...

  • Laser Jewelry Repair
    Lasers are now used for jewelry repair

    When you hear laser you probably think of blowing things up (all you sci-fi people)...


Diamonds are an eternal symbol of love and commitment. Learn all about diamonds, grading, the 4 C's, and how to buy diamonds here. Our expert gemologists have studied... More on Diamonds ›

Colored gemstones at Arden JewelersGemstones

Learn about Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Pearls and more. Precious and semi-precious gemstones come in every color imaginable, and they add interest and excitement to any piece of... More on Gemstones ›

Care & Cleaning

Learn how to keep your jewelry looking its best, and how to avoid the costly loss of valuable gemstones. Our jewelers have years of experience cleaning and maintaining all kinds... More on Care & Cleaning ›

Selling Jewelry

Selling fine jewelry can be intimidating, but with the knowledge you will find here you can sell your jewelry with confidence. Learn how to properly value your used jewelry, and... More on Selling Jewelry ›

A group of lab grown diamondsLab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown diamonds have the exact same chemical properties as natural diamonds. The only difference is that they were made in a laboratory instead of deep underground. Learn more... More on Lab Grown Diamonds ›

Jewelry Metals

Jewelry metals like gold, silver, and platinum are all very rare and unique. Learn more about these special metals and how they are used in jewelry. More on Jewelry Metals ›

General Info

General information about diamonds, jewelry, and the industry. Anything not found in the other Fine Jewelry University categories will be right here. More on General Info ›

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