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Custom Designs

  1. Custom Modern Diamond Pendant

    This sleek and modern pendant design showcases a round brilliant center diamond. Two flush set diamonds accent the center, one of which is a black diamond. Created in 14k Star White Gold… read more »

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  1. A truck in front of the Arden Jewelers storefront to break a chain

    Chain Strength Comparison Test

    We had some fun in this video breaking different kinds of gold chains to see which styles were the strongest. We weren’t surprised to find that a hollow chain was about 6 times weaker than a solid one of about the same size and style. Also, the herringbone didn’t surprise us when it was one of the weakest and most easily damaged chains in the group. On the other hand, the figaro and curb/cuban link chains really shined. In fact, we had to bring out the full size diesel trucks... read more »

  2. Undo a knot in a jewelry chain

    How to Untangle Knotted Chains

    Having a mess of tangled chains in your jewelry box can be so frustrating. In this video we'll teach you three simple techniques that you can use at home to untangle those chains and make them wearable again. Even challenging knots will be no match for you anymore. So, what are you waiting for? Watch the video and take back your chains... read more »

Fine Jewelry University

  1. A group of yellow gold chains of different kinds of a blue background

    Types of Necklace Chains

    There are so many options available when you are considering a new chain. Do you want simple and unassuming or bold and overstated? Which chain type is the strongest? Which one will last the longest? In this article we'll go over pros and cons of the most popular chains on the market today, so you can choose the one that's best for you... read more »

  2. Collection of many different styles of jewelry clasps laid out together

    Types of Jewelry Clasps

    In the world of jewelry, there are a wide variety of clasps, each with its own purpose and unique design. Whether you are searching for a replacement for a broken clasp or just looking to learn more about them, this article is for you. History of Jewelry Clasps Jewelry clasps are a small but important component of many types of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Clasps allow for easy attachment and removal of the jewelry and provide a secure way to wear and display precious pieces. The history of... read more »

Blog Posts

  1. A bracelet display can help keep your jewelry organized

    How to Organize Your Jewelry

    The key to organizing your jewelry is to stop thinking about organizing and start thinking about displaying. Think of your jewelry collection as your own private jewelry store. When you get ready for the day, go shopping in your store for the prefect accessories to match your look. You can find creative ways to organize and display your necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings to will help you wear and enjoy your jewelry more... read more »