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How to Untangle Knotted Chains

Thin jewelry chains have a way of working themselves into an usable tangle more inscrutable than the Gordian Knot. However, most of us would rather wear our chains than cut them into pieces. In this short video, we’ll cover 3 simple techniques you can use at home to untangle your chain no matter how knotted it is.

Find a hard surface and unhook the clasp before you start.

  1. Gently roll the knot in between your thumb and finger for several seconds to help loosen it.
  2. Use a pair of tweezers with sharp points and spring tension to loosen it further. Hold the tweezers together, and then push the points into the knot. Then relax your grip to let the tension in the tweezers pull the knot apart.
  3. Use paperclips to finish untangling the knot. Push the paperclip ends through the knot and all the way to the hard surface below. Once there, you can pull them apart to separate the knot.

With these techniques and a little patience you can tackle even the most hopeless knots, and get back to enjoying your jewelry. Remember, if the chain has been damaged, or you just aren’t able to untangle it, we are here to help. Our jewelry repair team has decades of experience working with chains and we’re just a phone call away.

What people are saying

  1. jem says:

    Oooohhh! I’d definitely be throwing out the tissue by mistake.
    Perhaps advise a different material, that you’d be inclined to check before you tossed it.

    • That’s definitely a possibility! That’s why we prefer the plastic bag method, if that’s an option for you. It keeps the chain from tangling and you can easily see what’s in the bag.

  2. Jacque Maples says:

    Thank you! I learned something new today. Great video!!!

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