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Fine Jewelry University

  1. Polarized light diagram

    The Magic of Polarized Light

    In this article we do a deep-dive on polarized light and how it is used in gemology. You'll learn what polarized light is and how it's used in our daily lives. You'll also see lots of great, visual examples of polarized light in action as it is used to help identify gemstones in our lab... read more »

Blog Posts

  1. How to find a missing diamond

    How to Find Your Diamond When It’s Lost

    Looking for a diamond that has fallen out of your engagement ring is an incredibly stressful and frustrating experience. We have put together this list of tips and tricks for finding a lost diamond from our years of experience in the jewelry trade. We hope that with these techniques, a lot of persistence, and a little luck you can find your missing diamond... read more »

  2. Diamond Selection – 4C’s and an F

    Diamond buying is hard enough. First you have to understand the 4C’s, and then you have to try to judge if diamond certifications are accurate. So, adding one more aspect to the decision making process is too much for some people. But then, here comes fluorescence. The natural response is to keep it simple: if it has fluorescence it’s bad, and if it doesn’t it’s good. Unfortunately, simple does not work here. What is fluorescence? Fluorescence is a form of lumination that is created when a diamond is exposed to... read more »