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  1. Rose Gold Morganite Earrings

    Rose Gold Morganite Halo Earrings

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  2. AS1039

    Asteria : Gold 3 Prong Modern Stud Earrings

  3. AS1040

    Asteria : Gold Basket Stud Earrings Earrings

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  4. AS1052

    Asteria : Scroll Design Earrings

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  5. AS1029

    Asteria : Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

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Blog Posts

  1. Diamond stud earrings on sale

    $10 Diamond Earrings this Valentine’s Day

    It’s not a typo. We have genuine diamond stud earrings on sale right now at our shop for $10. They are set in sterling silver, and they make a great little Valentine’s Day gift. There are only 50 pairs available at this price, so the limit is 2 pairs per person. They will go fast, so come in today to get your pair. We also have diamond studs for $20, $50, $99, $149, and up. You can find the perfect gift for everyone on your Valentine’s list in one stop... read more »