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$10 Diamond Earrings this Valentine’s Day

Find the perfect gift for everyone

Diamond stud earrings on sale
Diamond earrings for everyone on your list

It’s not a typo. We have genuine diamond stud earrings on sale right now at our shop for $10. They are set in sterling silver, and they make a great little Valentine’s Day gift. There are only 50 pairs available at this price, so the limit is 2 pairs per person. They will go fast, so come in today to get your pair.

We also have diamond studs for $20, $50, $99, $149, and up. You can find the perfect gift for everyone on your Valentine’s list in one stop. All of our gifts are on sale for 30-50% off right now, so you’re not limited to stud earrings. You can get an amazing deal on pendants, Tiffany & Co, birthstone jewelry, and more.

Save on engagement rings this Valentines Day
Save big on an engagement ring upgrade

One of the most romantic and special gifts for Valentine’s Day can be an engagement ring upgrade. It’s the perfect time to remind her that you love her even more today than you did when you first gave her the ring. Maybe you were just starting out, and you didn’t have finances to give her the ring you knew she deserved. Now you do, and what better time than Valentine’s Day to do it?

Can’t make it in to the shop? Don’t worry. We have a great selection of handpicked, surefire gifts available online at our everyday low prices. Order today, and most items will be at your doorstep in one or two days.

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    Rose Gold Pink Sapphire Skeleton Key

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