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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2023

New takes on classic heart jewelry and True North pendants

Group of heart shaped pendants with flowers and Valentines Day candy
Brand new jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the ones we love. Life can be so busy, and it’s hard to find time to slow down and show your special someone just how much you care about them. This year, we are featuring some modern takes on classic heart jewelry. The entire collection is on sale for 25% off, and with pieces starting at $55.00 and going up to $1,600.00 there’s something for every budget.

  1. Sale!
    pave diamond heart necklace white gold front angle

    Pave Diamond Heart Stationary Pendant

  2. Sale!
    large open silver heart pendant front angle

    Large Open Heart Slide Pendant in Sterling Silver

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  3. Sale!
    mini floating heart necklace front angle

    Mini Heart Pendant in 14k White Gold

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  4. Sale!
    pave diamond heart pendant front angle

    Open Diamond Diamond Heart Slide Pendant

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  5. Sale!
    roberto coin yellow gold open heart necklace front view

    Roberto Coin : Open Heart Stationary Heart Necklace

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    medium heart slide necklace front angle

    Simple Heart Charm Pendant in 14k White Gold

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We’re also offering an amazing 25% off on our original True North collection. This unique jewelry is rich with symbolism and makes a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift. The North Star is a fixed point in the night sky that never moves. While all of the other stars swirl with the spinning of our planet the North Star never waivers. Give this jewelry to your guiding light, the person that you can count on to be there, right where you need them, time and time again.

yellow gold north star on hand
This True North pendant makes a fantastic gift idea
  1. Sale!
    True North - Diamond North Star Necklace

    True North : Diamond North Star Necklace

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  2. Sale!
    True North - North Star Necklace in Rose Gold

    True North : Rose Gold North Star Necklace

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    True North - Sterling Silver North Star Necklace

    True North : Sterling Silver North Star Necklace

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If neither of these collections piques your interest, you can always:

Whatever you choose, we hope that you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the one that you love.

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