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Tagged: Brushed Finish

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  1. Cobalt Yellow Gold Inlay Band

    Cobalt Yellow Gold Inlay Band

  2. Grooved Half-Brushed Cobalt Band

    Grooved Half-Brushed Cobalt Band

  3. Brushed Titanium Band

    Brushed Titanium Band

  4. Tungsten Textured Groove Band

    Tungsten Textured Groove Band

  5. Black Ceramic Beveled Band

    Black Ceramic Beveled Band


Custom Designs

  1. Brushed Finish Men's Band With Square Diamonds - 1

    This men’s band has an asymmetrical design, with a channel of square diamonds off-set near one edge, in the top of the shank. The brushed finish on the flat band gives the ring an industrial tone. A modern wedding band that is simple, yet unique… read more »

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