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  1. Antique Diamond Ring with Filigree Accents

    Antique Diamond Ring with Filigree Accents

  2. Double Halo Milgrain Engagement Ring with Diamonds

    Double Halo Milgrain Engagement Ring with Diamonds

  3. Vintage Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

    Vintage Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

  4. Contemporary halo engagement ring - side

    Simple Contemporary Halo Engagement Ring

  5. Diamond Filigree Bangle with Clasp

    Diamond Filigree Bangle with Clasp

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Custom Designs

  1. Custom filigree two tone diamond engagement ring

    Combining old world sophistication with modern flare, this engagement ring features a beautifully intricate filigree design underneath the center stone. The contrasting white and yellow gold emphasizes the delicate design while the accent diamonds add an extra touch of sparkle. This is a truly special piece and one we’re proud to show off… read more »

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  2. Smoky Quartz Custom Statement Ring

    This vintage inspired rings makes a strong statement. It features a large, emerald cut Smoky Quartz and braided rope accents running up the sides of the shank. The stone is set with 4 strong prongs which accent the sharp, angular planes of the quartz. Subtle filigree accents complete the design giving the ring a vintage flare that sets it apart from the crowd… read more »

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  3. Three Stone Engagement Ring with European Shank - Top

    This is a simple, yet surprisingly detailed design. Everywhere you look small touches show the client’s personality and style. From the small, flush set accent diamond hidden away in the European style shank to the intricate yet subtle filigree work under each of the three main diamonds, this ring is all about the details… read more »

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  4. This engagement ring has a vintage style diamond halo, delicate feminine filigree, and rich yellow gold that compliments the fancy yellow colored pear cut diamond center stone. Interested in this piece? You can customize and order your own here: Pear Halo Diamond Engagement Ring… read more »

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  5. This daisy themed skeleton key pendant has a whimsical fairy tale-like design and warm rose gold complimented by glittering round cut pink sapphires. This piece is now available for order directly through our website! Check it out: Rose Gold Skeleton Key Pendant… read more »

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