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Blog Posts

  1. Lacey Jhon and Alex Jewelry Designers in Black and White

    Meet the Jewelers: Sacramento Indie Jewelry Designers

    We are excited to show you the one-of-a-kind creations from three of our talented, in-house jewelers. These Sacramento local independent jewelry designers bring a fresh perspective and amazing skill to their work. Visit us today to see all of these pieces or shop the collections on Etsy... read more »

  2. Jen Lesea Designs featuring rustic and abtract handmade jewelry

    New Indie Designer: Jen Lesea Designs

    We have added a brand new designer line of unique jewelry from Jen Lesea Designs. These artistic pieces feature natural motifs and a blend of copper and silver to create a bold, rustic, and stylish look that you can't find anywhere else. Checkout the blog to learn more about Jen Lesea and why we are so excited to partner with her at Arden Jewelers... read more »