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Tagged: Rustic

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  1. Mountain Range Ring - Side

    Jen Lesea : Mountain Range Ring

  2. Mountain Range Cuff Bracelet

    Jen Lesea : Mountain Range Cuff Bracelet

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  3. Cross Pendant in Copper and Sterling Silver

    Jen Lesea : Cross Pendant in Copper and Sterling Silver

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  4. Double Mountain Range Necklace

    Jen Lesea : Double Mountain Range Necklace

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  5. Double Mountain Stud Earrings

    Jen Lesea : Double Mountain Stud Earrings

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  6. Mountain Range Bar Necklace

    Jen Lesea : Mountain Range Bar Necklace

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Custom Designs

  1. Natural texture diamond ring with heart design

    The first thing that strikes you when you look at this unique ring is the rough-hewn, natural texture that the entire piece is finished with. Breaking from the traditional, high-polished look, this beautifully understated ring takes on a rustic and handmade feel with its texture. A single, bezel set diamond and an open heart complete this original look… read more »

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Blog Posts

  1. Jen Lesea Designs featuring rustic and abtract handmade jewelry

    New Indie Designer: Jen Lesea Designs

    We have added a brand new designer line of unique jewelry from Jen Lesea Designs. These artistic pieces feature natural motifs and a blend of copper and silver to create a bold, rustic, and stylish look that you can't find anywhere else. Checkout the blog to learn more about Jen Lesea and why we are so excited to partner with her at Arden Jewelers... read more »