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  1. Diamond Halo Opal Slide Pendant

    Opal Rose Gold Diamond Halo Slide Pendant

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  2. Opal Yellow Gold Diamond Halo Slide Pendant

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Custom Designs

  1. Two Tone Floral Ring with Fire Opal Center

    We love working with you to make a design you’ve imagined into a reality! This special two tone floral ring has a fire opal center stone, with aquamarine and diamond accents along the top half of the shank. The rose gold accent of the central flower really makes it stand out against the rest of the ring… read more »

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  2. Opal leaf design custom ring - front

    This piece is a true celebration of the jeweler’s art. Each discipline from computer modeling to casting to hand fabrication and texturing was used to its fullest to realize this unique design. Our jeweler tastefully placed two leaves to overlay and help secure the customer’s damaged opal. Then, that same leaf design was continued onto the ring, around the bezel, and on the sides of the shank. The leaf texture was rendered meticulously by hand one leaf at a time. Custom jewelry is often a labor of love, and that… read more »

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Fine Jewelry University

  1. Gem in the Spotlight: Opal

    Opal has been described as containing the wonders of the skies, sparkling rainbows, fireworks, and lightning. Its dazzling play of color is totally unique in the gem world, and the lore that surrounds it is almost as colorful as the gem itself. Opal is the traditional birthstone for those lucky enough to born in October, and it is found in a huge variety of colors (sometimes all within the same stone). Gemology of Opal Opal’s captivating dance of colors is a result of its unique internal structure. This gemstone is... read more »