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KCRA 3 Visits Arden Jewelers

Arden Jewelers was recently featured in a KCRA channel 3 news broadcast on the growing trend of gold selling parties. The reporter came by with jewelry to sell in order to test the claim that people could get more money for their gold at the parties than at jewelry stores like Arden. As you can see, our price was noticeably higher than the price offered at the gold party.

The story even featured some of the advice we gave the reporter on selling gold. It’s important to realize that jewelry is more than just scrap metal. Unlike the gold buyers at the party, our gemologist trained buyers recognized the value of the total piece of jewelry (not just the gram weight of the gold) and were able to offer a higher price because of it.

If you have jewelry you’re thinking about selling, don’t sell it to someone who will just pay you for the gold weight. Take a page out of your local news station’s book, and visit Arden Jewelers to see how much more you can get for your jewelry.

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  1. […] jewelry in Sacramento, CA for over 20 years. We have a proven track record of being one of the highest bidders in town. Don’t take a risk mailing your gold away only to get a low ball offer. Sell your jewelry and […]

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