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Mark Schneider Now at Arden Jewelers

Award winning engagement ring style meets unbeatable service

Mark Schneider engagement ring designer at Arden Jewelers in Sacramento CA

We are very excited to announce that Arden Jewelers now carries the prestigious Mark Schneider Designs engagement ring line! If you’re looking for a cutting edge, stylish engagement ring this is the line for you.

About Mark Schneider engagement rings

Mark Schneider is one of the few designers who is honored to have one of his pieces on permanent display in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. He is the winner of countless awards, and he is known in the jewelry industry as a cutting edge designer who pushes beyond the status quo.

“We are modern design.” That’s quote from Mark Schneider’s list of core values. They bring a unique perspective to the design process that’s all about infusing contemporary style into the traditional engagement ring. You won’t find the same old, me-too designs in this collection. If you are looking for an engagement ring that stands out from the crowd, Mark Schneider might be the perfect designer for you.

  1. Mark Schneider : Rose Engagement Ring

    Mark Schneider : Rose Engagement Ring

  2. Mark Schneider : Bemused Engagement Ring

    Mark Schneider : Bemused Engagement Ring

  3. Mark Schneider Bloom Floral Engagement Ring Top View

    Mark Schneider : Bloom Floral Engagement Ring

  4. Mark Schneider : Wave Modern Men's Band

    Mark Schneider : Wave Modern Men’s Band

  5. Mark Schneider Spark contemporary engagement ring

    Mark Schneider : Spark Contemporary Engagement Ring

  6. Mark Schneider Surge engagement ring

    Mark Schneider : Surge Contemporary Engagement Ring


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Why did we choose them?

Mark Schneider Unique Engagement Rings
Original engagement ring styles

Choosing which designers to partner with is not something we take lightly. When we put a ring in our showcases, we have to be 100% confident that we can stand behind the company, the style, and the workmanship that have produced that ring. We also have to know that we can continue to deliver the high level of value that you have come to expect from Arden Jewelers.

We have had our eye on Mark Schneider for some time, and when the opportunity presented itself to bring them into our shop, we jumped on it. We wanted to see Mark Schneider in Sacramento, so we could offer these incredible, unique designs to our clients. We also wanted to bring Mark Schneider’s beautiful designs within reach of anyone by offering exceptional prices on the center diamond. Arden Jewelers is all about delivering the highest possible value to our customers, so when you buy a Mark Schneider ring and center diamond from us, we can guarantee you get an amazing deal.

Is a Mark Schneider engagement ring right for you?

Only you can decide if a Mark Schneider Designs ring meets all of your needs. We’re here to help you find the perfect ring for you whether it’s a band new fashion from one of our designers, or a simple, classic solitaire. No matter what you choose, we will make sure you get a great deal and friendly service all along the way.

So, come by the store and checkout our shiny new collection, or you can browse Mark Schneider on our online shop.

Engagement ring designs from Mark Schneider Adore Flora Bloom Amore
From left to right: Adore, Flora, Bloom, and Amore

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