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    Twisted rope halo engagement ring eternity shank

    Twisted Rope Halo Engagement Ring

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    Purple and Green Amethyst Rope Ring

    Purple and Green Amethyst Rope Ring

    Regularly $300.00 $195.00
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    Natural Gold Nugget Pendant

    Regularly $1,395.00 $995.00
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  4. Asteria : Braided Rope Gold Pendant

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    Asteria : Large Braided Rope Silver Pendant

    Regularly $539.00 $499.00
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Custom Designs

  1. Smoky Quartz Custom Statement Ring

    This vintage inspired rings makes a strong statement. It features a large, emerald cut Smoky Quartz and braided rope accents running up the sides of the shank. The stone is set with 4 strong prongs which accent the sharp, angular planes of the quartz. Subtle filigree accents complete the design giving the ring a vintage flare that sets it apart from the crowd… read more »

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