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  1. Vintage Filigree Diamond Ring

    Vintage Filigree Diamond Ring

  2. Vintage Floral Diamond Stud Earrings

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    Floral Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring

    Floral Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring

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    Diamond Engagement Ring with Marquise Accents

    Diamond Engagement Ring with Marquise Accents

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    Arched Halo Engagement Ring with Diamond Accents

    Arched Halo Floral Engagement Ring with Diamond Accents

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    Lotus floral design two tone rose gold engagement ring

    Delicate Lotus Flower Two-Tone Engagement Ring

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Custom Designs

  1. Pear cut diamond floral engagement ring - side

    This creative design features a brilliant pear cut diamond center stone with organic floral and vine elements twisting up both sides of the shank. The straight lines of the yellow gold outer rails contrast with the flowing curves of the white gold flower elements in the middle telling a story of balance between the man-made and the natural… read more »

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  2. Oval peridot mothers pendant

    This unique and highly personal pendant features the birthstone of a mother’s child wrapped in a loving embrace. The details on the flower were hand carved by our jewelers giving it an organic, life-like texture… read more »

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  3. Opal leaf design custom ring - front

    This piece is a true celebration of the jeweler’s art. Each discipline from computer modeling to casting to hand fabrication and texturing was used to its fullest to realize this unique design. Our jeweler tastefully placed two leaves to overlay and help secure the customer’s damaged opal. Then, that same leaf design was continued onto the ring, around the bezel, and on the sides of the shank. The leaf texture was rendered meticulously by hand one leaf at a time. Custom jewelry is often a labor of love, and that… read more »

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  4. This daisy themed skeleton key pendant has a whimsical fairy tale-like design and warm rose gold complimented by glittering round cut pink sapphires. This piece is now available for order directly through our website! Check it out: Rose Gold Skeleton Key Pendant… read more »

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