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  1. Emerald Ring with Diamond Accents

    Emerald Ring with Diamond Accents

  2. Vintage Filigree Diamond Ring

    Vintage Filigree Diamond Ring

  3. Art Deco Era Filigree Ring with Old European Diamonds

    Art Deco Era Filigree Ring with Old European Diamonds

  4. Vintage Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

    Vintage Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

  5. Sale!
    Vintage Platinum hand engraved engagement ring side

    Vintage Platinum Old European Engagement Ring

    Regularly $45,500.00 $26,950.00
  6. Ruby Cocktail Ring with Accent Diamonds

    Ruby Cocktail Ring with Diamond Accents


Custom Designs

  1. Pallasitic peridot custom ring

    This is a truly unique piece. The center is a stunning pallasitic peridot which is peridot that is 100% extraterrestrial in origin. This stone is one of the extremely rare meteorites that survived its trip through the earth’s atmosphere and had the right chemical make up to contain gem quality peridot. The setting borrows for the Art Deco tradition with some modern to touches to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind ring… read more »

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  2. This unique piece features a strong yet elegant modern design with prominent prongs and clean lines… read more »

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Blog Posts

  1. Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring Style

    The engagement ring expresses a loving commitment to the most important person in your life. So, discovering the perfect engagement style can be very rewarding. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the stylistic choices you have when you’re looking for an engagement ring. Designer Simon G has been creating amazing diamond engagement rings for some time now. The Simon G team keeps coming up with unique styles that make anyone take a second look. Their high quality of workmanship means the design will be made to last and amaze... read more »