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Fine Jewelry University

  1. diamond brokering service in sacramento

    Diamond Brokering

    Serving you is our passion. Making our expertise available to you coupled with our value hunting system makes the diamond buying experience a positive one. Please feel free to ask any questions and explore what we can do for you. Using a gemologist diamond broker to guide you through your diamond purchase insures the mastery of the minute details in diamond evaluations. Did you know diamonds of the same grade could be thousands of dollars different in price? A subtle difference in a diamond impacts the price significantly. Our expert... read more »

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  1. No interest jewelry financing

    No Interest Jewelry Financing

    We are excited to offer flexible financing options through Synchrony Bank, so you can buy now and pay later. Simple and secure credit application Instant approvals Pay over time Don’t tie up your other credit lines How it Works Apply now online or visit us at our Sacramento showroom Fill out a short, credit application and get an instant decision Shop online or in store for your perfect piece of jewelry Your Synchrony credit card will be sent to you in the mail Plans and Details No Interest for 6... read more »

  2. Vintage and antique jewelry from Arden Jewelers

    Vintage Elegance

    Make our expert jewelry buyers your own personal shoppers. Simply fill out the form, and we will search through our inventory and our sources to find the perfect piece of vintage or estate jewelry for you. There's no obligation, so feel free to ask and see what's out there... read more »

  3. Arden Jewelers jewelry sales

    Jewelry Sales

    Jewelry! What images does jewelry bring to mind. Do you think of a queen’s regalia? Or, a mother’s simple wedding band? What does your jewelry look like? Jewelry is a personal choice. Understanding your view of jewelry, is important because, Arden Jewelers delivers what you want. From simple timeless elegance to modern avant-garde, your style done your way is our goal. You have hundreds of jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers to find the design you like at Arden Jewelers. You can have the latest custom design system in the jewelry industry... read more »

  4. Jewelry insurance appraisal report

    Jewelry Appraisals

    Our GIA trained gemologists and jewelry experts will perform a detailed examination of your jewelry, and provide you with an official appraisal for whatever purpose you have. We offer insurance replacement value appraisals, estate value appraisals, cash value appraisals, liquidation value appraisals and others... read more »

  5. Trusted Jewelry Repair

    Arden Jewelers has decades of experience doing jewelry repair right here in Sacramento, CA At Arden Jewelers, we understand how important your jewelry is to you. When your jewelry breaks, doesn’t fit right, or just doesn’t look like it used to, we are here to help. Our jewelry repair team has decades of years of experience working on everything from $100,000 diamond rings to simple gold bands. Here’s a short list of the kinds of repairs that we offer at competitive prices. Same day turnaround is available for some services... read more »

  6. Custom Jewelry Design

    Custom Design is a fun and exciting way to get the jewelry that you really want. You don’t have to settle for an off-the-shelf style that doesn’t have everything you want in your engagement ring or other jewelry. Why Choose Custom Jewelry Design? You want a specific style or symbolic design element that you won’t find in a mass-produced piece. You want to express your creativity and have a ring that reflects you. You like designer style, but you don’t want to pay for the designer name. You want a... read more »