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Diamond Brokering

Finding the Right Diamond for You

diamond brokering service in sacramento
Finding the right diamond for you

Serving you is our passion. Making our expertise available to you coupled with our value hunting system makes the diamond buying experience a positive one. Please feel free to ask any questions and explore what we can do for you.

Using a gemologist diamond broker to guide you through your diamond purchase insures the mastery of the minute details in diamond evaluations. Did you know diamonds of the same grade could be thousands of dollars different in price? A subtle difference in a diamond impacts the price significantly. Our expert guidance system helps:

  • Understanding the basic diamond value system
  • Understanding the expert diamond evaluation system
  • Inform in technical or layman’s terms the true nature of the diamond
  • Years of expertise as a diamond buyer and wholesale seller

Finding our clients the best value drives us. Our brokerage has links to hundreds of diamond importers, wholesalers, dealers and traders. We use high-tech means to reach the most sophisticated companies and low-tech to mine even one person operations all with the goal of finding the exact diamond you want at the very best price available. Our value hunting system helps with:

  • Locating the most reliable source with the best price
  • Finding independent certified diamonds
  • Locating correctly graded non-cert diamonds
  • Finding the most beautiful diamond possible

Arden Jewelers has over 20 years experience in the jewelry industry. The experience of buying and selling millions of dollars of diamonds helps us serve you. We are confident of our ability to serve and trust our fair method of finding the best value will make you happy with a beautiful diamond for a lifetime.

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