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  1. straight ruby stacking band front angle

    Low Profile Round Ruby Stackable Band in White Gold


Custom Designs

  1. ruby, sapphire, diamond crown ring front view

    A vibrant heart cut ruby is front and center on this fun ring. The matching pair of blue sapphire accents are nestled each side of the crown. Carefully crafted swooping yellow gold and chevron diamond band work together to make this special design… read more »

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  2. Platinum Snake Pendant with Old Mine Cut Diamond and Rubies

    Two vibrant ruby stones bring to life the snake as it carefully wraps around the detailed hand engraved platinum staff. Bezel set at the top of the staff is a beautiful old mine cut diamond. The rod of asclepius is a symbol long associated with healing and medicine… read more »

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  3. Ruby heart and diamond band

    Vibrant, red, heart-shaped gemstones are the focal point of this unique band. The client opted for lab created rubies which are incredibly bright and saturated. Sparkling accent diamonds space out the hearts and finish the look. The end product is a stackable, wearable, and totally personalized custom ring… read more »

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  4. This is a classic three stone style design with a European style square-bottom shank, a deep red pear cut ruby center stone and round brilliant diamond accents… read more »

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Fine Jewelry University

  1. Three loose rubies in a row triangle oval and pear shaped

    Gem in the Spotlight: Ruby

    Ruby has been the most prized gemstone for much of human history. It's rich red color is spellbinding and it remains a symbol of power and success even to this day. It is a hard and durable gem that, with proper care, can be treasured for generations. It is also a useful gem as its unique optical properties made a crucial component in the world's first functioning laser. Let's dive in to the gemology, history, and lore surrounding the incomparable ruby... read more »