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    Minimalist Bar Necklace with Diamond Accents

    Minimalist Bar Pendant with Diamonds

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    Minimalist Isosceles Triangle Pendant with Diamond Accents

    Minimalist Isosceles Triangle Pendant with Diamonds

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    Minimalist Triangle Pendant with Diamonds

    Minimalist Triangle Pendant with Diamond Accents

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  4. Beaded Shank Pave Diamond Ring

    Beaded Shank Pave Diamond Ring

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    Vintage style rose gold hoop earrings

    Vintage Style Filigree Hoop Earrings

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    Delicate Simple Shank Engagement Ring with Diamonds

    Delicate Simple Engagement Ring with Diamonds

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Custom Designs

  1. Custom white gold modern solitaire engagement ring front

    This striking design was the result of a close collaboration between our designers and the client. The artful, sweeping lines flow up the shank and past the center diamond creating a sense of movement and energy. Made in 14k white gold and featuring a round brilliant center diamond, this ring is a beautiful example of how personal and stylish custom jewelry can be… read more »

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  2. This engagement ring has a unique offset twisted shank and floating diamond setting style that showcases an unconventional way to show off a princess cut diamond… read more »

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  3. This engagement ring design was inspired by the curling of the oceans waves. It has a simple, modern style, a European style square-bottom shank, and white gold curling delicately around four accent round brilliant diamonds… read more »

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  4. This simple and elegant design highlights the center stone well while adding accents of channel set diamonds in a modern style setting… read more »

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  1. What’s Your Jewelry Style?

    The style of an engagement ring should reflect the style of the wearer. When you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring, start with your personal style and explore your options. Simple and Elegant You’re not a flashy or flamboyant person. In your closet you find solid colors with clean lines and subtle, neutral tones. You don’t need to be the center of attention, and for you, grace is the essence of beauty. Elegance shows itself with clean, classic jewelry designs. The lines of this style of wedding jewelry are smooth... read more »

Blog Posts

  1. Jewelry basics are classic additions to any outfit

    Jewelry Style Basics

    Jewelry basics are like DNA. They are the building blocks but they create a great diversity of looks. Diamonds gemstones, chains, pendants, pins and even earring should be displayed differently to produce your style. What is your style? Having the right jewelry can go a long way in helping you project an image of confidence and individual flair. Jewelry basics can be used with other pieces or as an accent to the main display jewelry. The rule of thumb is to always have the best-quality basics you can afford, so... read more »

  2. Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring Style

    The engagement ring expresses a loving commitment to the most important person in your life. So, discovering the perfect engagement style can be very rewarding. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the stylistic choices you have when you’re looking for an engagement ring. Designer Simon G has been creating amazing diamond engagement rings for some time now. The Simon G team keeps coming up with unique styles that make anyone take a second look. Their high quality of workmanship means the design will be made to last and amaze... read more »