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50% Off Valentine’s Day Gifts

Heart Shaped Rings, Rose Gold, Diamonds, and More

Valentines Day jewelry gift ideas rings
50% off on Valentine’s Day gifts!

It’s that time of year again, the time for candy hearts, romantic dinners, and plenty of pink. Is this the year to go all out and show her just how much she means to you? If so, we have just the thing.

We have a special collection of Valentine’s Day jewelry on sale in our store now for 50% off. You will find the perfect gift:

  • Heart shaped diamond ring
  • Rose gold rings with colored gemstones
  • Petite, thin rose gold rings
  • Diamond stud earrings
  • Diamond engagement rings
  • Dancing diamond pendants
  • Much, much, more

In addition to our Valentine’s Day sale, we have loose diamonds on sale now for as much as 75% off! You can find the perfect diamond and have it set in your existing engagement ring, or a brand new one. Or, we can put together a matching pair for you, so you can make your own diamond earrings. The possibilities are endless, and the savings are incredible.

As a special treat, we are unveiling a unique piece of jewelry for the first time this year. This is a genuine Cartier LOVE bracelet. Our jewelers have finished refurbishing it just in time for Valentine’s Day. This bracelet is a beautiful symbol of love, and it will be an incredible gift for the lucky person who receives it. Only one of these bracelets is available, so if you want it, act now.

compass cathedral diamond engagement ring front view


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