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Pallasitic Peridot Art Deco Ring

Pallasitic peridot custom ring
Pallasitic peridot custom ring - frontPallasitic peridot custom ring - other sidePallasitic peridot custom ring - side

This is a truly unique piece. The center is a stunning pallasitic peridot which is peridot that is 100% extraterrestrial in origin. This stone is one of the extremely rare meteorites that survived its trip through the earth’s atmosphere and had the right chemical make up to contain gem quality peridot.

The setting borrows for the Art Deco tradition with some modern to touches to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind ring.

What people are saying

  1. Jaclyn Strimas says:

    Is this ring for sale?

    Pallasitic Peridot Art Deco Ring

    Thank you,

    • Hi Jackie, thanks for reaching out. This particular ring was a custom design that we did for a client in the past. That said, we can definitely make something similar for you. I have sent you an email, feel free to reply and we can figure out the details. 🙂

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