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How to Sell Jewelry on eBay and Other Websites

Safeguards and presentation are critical when selling jewelry online

  • Take a few great photos of your jewelry from different angles.
  • Think about how you want to present your jewelry. Do you want a detailed description, or light beautiful statement, or a story?
  • You must have a way for them to buy and return without losing the money or jewelry. An escrow account is usually a good option or you can get paid first.
  • Take a photo before you ship in case the shipper damages it or the buyer says it was like this when they got it. If it is damaged, ask the buyer what shape the box was in when they got it.
  • Keep all of your shipping and insurance receipts in case the piece is damaged in transit.
  • You must have a great description of your jewelry especially a nice gem because they could return it with a different gem (they could switch the diamond with a lower grade or even a CZ and claim that is what they got).
  • If you use eBay, you have to be found, do the research on the best category and keywords for your item.
  • Remember to add up all the cost of selling to set your price (the cost of the listing, how many times it takes to sell, shipping and supplies, insurance, the fees for credit card processing, other fees for things like appraisals, etc.).
  • Two types of people shop online. First, there are the ones who are looking for something unique and are willing to pay a high price for it. Second, the others are looking for a great bargain, wanting only to pay the lowest price. If your jewelry is unique, get a high price if not, then the bargain hunters are your market.
  • The success of eBay helped a much older business the pawn shops. The pawn shops who sell jewelry on eBay and other online sites are willing to take much less because they buy them so cheap. Unfortunately, they may be your biggest competition when selling online.
  • Don’t be discouraged if it does not sell the first time. The timing may not be right. I know of people who put the same ring up a dozen times before it sells. Patience is needed with online sales, but remember to add this into the price you want for the jewelry.

Fraud should be next on your mind when try to sell your jewelry for cash online

  • Be very wary of overseas sales. I would say never do them, but you make that call.
  • Be aware of the many fake credit cards; the card company will take the money out of your account if there is fraud.
  • Be aware that bank checks can be faked and also certified checks. Sometimes, it takes weeks for the fraud to show up and again the bank will take the money back from you.
  • You also have to know if the person making the deal is that person or faking their identity.
  • If you take travelers checks make sure they are in us dollars. I was given some checks in another country’s dollars and it was worth pennies on the dollar (this could happen with other checks as well).
  • Make sure their funds have cleared your bank. Take the time to understand all the rules.

If selling jewelry online isn’t for you, visit Arden Jewelers and get a free evaluation of the jewelry you want to sell. If you like our offer, you can get cash on the spot for your gold and jewelry, no waiting for it to sell, no photographing, describing, pricing, no hassle at all. Our gemologist buyers are fast, friendly, and professional, and our 20+ years in Sacramento mean you know you’re getting a great deal from a safe and reputable jeweler.

What people are saying

  1. Marion Genia says:

    Do you know a good site where I can sell a Sterling silver sapphire a dia ring that is new. And what’s a good place to get estimates on what something is worth?

    • Hi Marion, Thanks for commenting. If you’re in the Sacramento area, we would love to give you an estimate on what your jewelry is worth. Feel free to bring it by our shop. If not, you could try searching on eBay and Craigslist to see if you can find what jewelry similar to yours is selling for. Those websites are generally the best platforms for selling that type of ring right now, but you can also look into some of the new mobile apps like Letgo.

  2. Nanette Guadiano says:

    Do I need a special type of insurance to protect me from fraudulent customers? Most of my jewelry is covered in a personal articles floater, but I don’t think this covers the sale of jewelry. I just want to know how to protect myself before I list my estate jewelry on eBay. Any information would be extremely helpful. Thank you!

    • Hi Nanette, that is a very insightful question. Unfortunately, we have not found an insurance product that protects you against fraudulent buyers. That’s one reason we like Craigslist because there is less opportunity for fraud when dealing in person with cash. This is especially true if you meet at the buyer’s bank and watch as they withdraw the cash for the transaction.

      When selling on eBay or other websites, there can be some form of seller protection, but most of these platforms tend to skew towards protecting buyer, not seller. We have heard our share of horror stories about sellers accepting a return, receiving an empty box in the mail, and not getting any help from eBay. The moral of the story is that selling online is definitely more caveat venditor (seller beware) than caveat emptor (buyer beware) these days.

  3. Cheri says:

    Really good information! Thank you… Do you recommend sharing recent appraisals when selling on ebay?

    • Hi Cheri, good question. First, if you already have a recent appraisal, it generally won’t hurt to share it. However, if you are considering getting a new or updated appraisal, you need to consider how valuable the item it.

      Let’s say you have a 10 year old appraisal for $995 insurance value. I would not pay $80 for a new appraisal since the jewelry item will most likely sell on eBay for $100-$500. But, if you are confident your item will sell for $1,000+, then it might make sense to spend some money on an appraisal to help reassure potential buyers.

  4. Margaret says:

    You sure do cover all the bases. I sent an email early today thanking you for the selling tips. My mom’s jewelry was great for her but not my lifestyle. I would love to bring it in but I live in Wyoming.

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