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Aspen : Yellow Gold Engagement Ring


Cast in rich, high quality yellow gold, this ring is an excellent choice for the discerning, style conscious bride. The design of the ring shank resembles an Aspen leaf, while the golden yellow color mimics the hue of the leaves in the peak of vibrant fall. The high quality round brilliant diamond set in platinum is the perfect compliment to this subtle masterpiece.

Additional information

Basic Details

Style #
4.8 g
18k Yellow Gold?, Platinum?
Jewelry Type
Jewelry Style
Simple and Elegant
Appraises For

Main Diamond

0.50 cts.?
G ?
Round Brilliant
VS2 ?
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  • About the designer

    Nature inspires people in remarkable ways. Angelo, the designer of Aspen, was drawn to the beauty of the Aspen leaf in a visit to Lake Tahoe one autumn day. The golden leaves moving to a rhythm of their own inspired the thought of a radiant bride on her wedding day. The shapes in nature are more…

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