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Rose Quartz Cushion Bezel Ring

Rose Quartz Cushion Bezel Ring - BackRose Quartz Cushion Bezel Ring - SideRose Quartz Cushion Bezel Ring - Top


This lovely rose on rose solitaire ring is delicate and sophisticated. The soft pink quartz has checkerboard facets. The design is sleek, minimalist, and totally on trend. This ring makes a perfect gift that can be worn everyday.

Additional information

Basic Details

Style #
2.8 g
14k Rose Gold?
Jewelry Type
Jewelry Style
Unique and Original
Mistletoe and Holly?
Arden Jewelers?
Appraises For

Main Gemstone

4.11 cts.?
Pink ?
Cushion Cut
Eye Clean ?
Stone measures 10 x 10mm.
* All weights and measurements are approximations. If you're curious, you can read more about precision in jewelry measurements.
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