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  1. Zirconium Tire-Tread Band

    Zirconium Tire-Tread Band

  2. Black Ceramic Comfort Fit Band

    Black Ceramic Comfort Fit Band

  3. Black Ceramic Beveled Band

    Black Ceramic Beveled Band

  4. Textured Black Carbon Fiber Band

    Textured Black Carbon Fiber Band


Fine Jewelry University

  1. Alternative metal wedding band options for men

    Alternative Metals for Men’s Jewelry

    Men now have an incredible array of material options for their wedding band. This in-depth article covers many of the more popular alternative metals (and non-metals) like titanium, tungsten carbide, ceramic, cobalt, carbon fiber, and more. You will learn the pros and cons for each of these new and exciting materials and hopefully get the information you need to find the perfect wedding band for you... read more »