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  1. emerald and baguette diamond halo ring front view

    Square Cut Emerald with Baguette Diamond Halo

  2. cabachon emerald and diamond bracelet front view

    Cabochon Emerald and Diamond Bangle Bracelet

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  3. pear emerald diamond halo front view

    Pear Cut Emerald and Diamond Halo Drop Pendant

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Custom Designs

  1. emerald diamond platinum tennis bracelet with flower background

    This absolutely stunning eternity platinum and diamond tennis bracelet features one single emerald and a swinging pear cut diamond. Our designer worked meticulously to organize and set the order of the multiple diamond shapes. This bracelet is the perfect combination of the modern design and the classic diamond bracelet… read more »

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  2. trillion emerald and diamond halo necklace front

    This beautiful necklace boasts an absolutely stunning trillion cut emerald. Our designer carefully designed the double prong pendant mounting to fit and protect this specific stone. The halo of round brilliant diamonds are an ideal accent for this emerald… read more »

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  3. Custom green emerald engagement ring with ballerina halo

    This gorgeous custom ring features a AAA 1.76ct asscher-cut Emerald. Surrounded by an halo of tapered baguette diamonds. It’s a breathtaking example of the traditional ballerina design where the center emerald is the star of the show… read more »

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  4. Asymmetrical Diamond and Emerald Swirl Ring - 3

    This unique family heritage ring has an asymmetrical open swirl design. Sweeping curves of white gold encircle the two main diamonds and link the stones together. Emeralds alternate with diamond accents descending down either side of the shank; the green of the emeralds add a touch of vibrancy to the ring… read more »

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Fine Jewelry University

  1. Group of loose emerald gemstones

    Gem in the Spotlight: Emerald

    Emerald is a stunningly beautiful green stones in Beryl family. In this article we take a deep dive into the mythology, history, and science surrounding this incredible gem. You will learn about Nero's emerald sunglasses, Cleopatra's emerald collection, and the science of fracture filling gemstones. In the end, we can say that no jewelry collection is complete without a beautiful emerald... read more »