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How to Spot Fake Tiffany & Co Jewelry

Tiffany & Co. is a brilliant designer that makes some of the most sought after jewelry in the world. Unfortunately, this has led many to create fake or counterfeit Tiffany pieces and then try to sell them as originals.Β In this short video we’ll go over some of the ways you can tell if a piece of Tiffany & Co. jewelry is genuine or not.

  • Look at any solder joints on the piece. Tiffany’s jewelers are excellent craftsman and you should not be able to readily see a seam or crack at the solder joints.
  • For jewelry claiming to be silver (stamped sterling silver or 925), check that the piece is actually sterling silver. Tiffany uses high quality silver while many of the knock-offs are actually plated brass.
  • Check the stamp. Make sure it’s there, it’s spelled correctly, and there aren’t any obvious errors (like it being off center).

At Arden Jewelers, we don’t like fake jewelry. We have a great collection of genuine Tiffany & Co. available for sale in our shop, and we check every piece to make sure it’s the real thing. When we find one that isn’t… well, you can watch the video to see what we do with it. πŸ™‚

What people are saying

  1. Vera Franco says:

    I think your video is great ! Not only is it educational its entertaining . The humor used at the end of the video as you showed what you do with the impostors nailed it ! The lighthearted segment made me feel comfortable and confident that your business is open and approachable with questions I may not have answers to.
    Thank you .

  2. Zema Nina Lopez says:

    Thank you very much for the valuable information. As a Tiffany & Co. lover I feel very grateful for the video. Zema Nina.

  3. Adri says:

    Hi Angelo,
    I recently came into a silver necklace from Tiffany and Company. The Hallmark of T& Co. has a very undistinguished T, and I was wondering if it is a fake? The other hallmarks of 925 and Italy look okay to me.

    • Hi Adri, thanks for reaching out. That is definitely a red flag. Tiffany is fussy about getting their stamp right. It’s possible that it has simply worn over time, but I would be concerned about the pieces authenticity.

  4. becky says:

    seem or crack should be spelled SEAM or crack…just mentioning…

  5. MARY COLLINS says:

    My diamond ring has an LF stamp on it. Can you tell me what it means please?

    • Hi Mary, thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, that stamp doesn’t have any special significance that we are aware of. It is most likely a manufacturer’s mark indicating who made the ring, but I’m not sure which company or individual it would refer to. Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful on this one.

  6. Nancy Lea says:

    Hi Angelo—
    Very clever! When I come in to look at your totally gorgeous diamonds I always enjoy looking at your Tiffany jewelry — as you know I have even purchased some for gifts—
    Who knows – at some point I may buy a piece of Tiffany as a gift to me! It can cuddle up with the diamonds in the jewelry box—

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