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Buy Jewelry with Your iPhone

We now accept Apple Pay and other new payment technologies

Buy jewelry with Apple Pay

People have been wearing jewelry for almost as long as there have been people. But, the way we pay for jewelry is constantly changing. Today, we are excited to announce that Arden Jewelers now accepts Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods!

Keeping your identify safe and private is a top priority for us. So, we have recently upgraded our card processing equipment to enable industry standard security features. Along with the security upgrade, the new equipment allows us to process Apple Pay, contactless cards, and EMV cards (commonly known as Chip-and-PIN or Chip-and-Signature cards).

As a side note, if your credit card company has recently issued you a new EMV card, now is a good time to check if you will need a PIN for your card. Some credit companies are issuing Chip-and-Signature cards, so you won’t have to remember another PIN number. But, if your company has given you a Chip-and-PIN card, and the terminal asks for the PIN number, it won’t process the transaction if you don’t know it.

We are excited about this new technology because it gives us one more way that we can make your life better which is what we’re all about at Arden Jewelers. So, come by today, and shop our collection of brand new and vintage styles. If you see something you like, paying for it will be easier and safer than ever.

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