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Give Your Jewelry Regular Check-Ups…Really

Preventative Maintenance for Jewelry


A diamond may be forever, and gold may be a precious metal, but that doesn’t mean that your jewelry won’t wear with time. Routine wear can actually take quite a toll on jewelry: white gold starts to look yellow, scuff marks dull the once bright finish, valuable diamonds and gemstones come loose, and on and on. As with most items of value, the best approach with jewelry is preventative maintenance. Don’t wait until your diamond is on the verge of falling out to have your jewelry looked at.

It’s not always easy to see if jewelry needs to have serious work done, or if it just needs a quick cleaning to shine like it used to. The best approach is to have someone who knows jewelry, and who has had many years of experience working with it, examine your jewelry to see if there are any potential problems. At Arden Jewelers, we are happy to have our expert staff give your jewelry a check-up at no charge. It doesn’t take long, and it could save you some serious heartache and money down the line. Here’s our location and hours. You can also fine some more tips on jewelry care on our care and cleaning article.

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