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Come See Our New Location

After a long store closing sale, a very busy weekend of moving, and several technical hurdles to overcome, Arden Jewelers is officially open at our new location! We moved just a short distance down Arden Way to a much larger stand-alone building across the street from the Post Office. Our new address is:

2800 Arden Jewelers
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 481-8006
Fax (new): (916) 486-3766

We are very excited about our new location, and all the changes that it will bring. We are planning a grand opening celebration for sometime in the near future, but until then we are fully open for business. We are still remodeling our new location, and the sign on the building from the previous tenant (Jensen’s Photography) is still up, so we definitely appreciate your patience during the transition. There will be much more to come about our new place and how we will be able to better serve you here (e.g. we have a full repair shop in-house now), but for now, feel free to stop by and see the new showroom and some of the new jewelry.

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