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Father’s Day is Just Around the Corner

Show Dad how much you care this year with a stylish piece of Men’s Jewelry. We have a wide selection of Titanium and Tungsten jewelry both online and in our store in addition to more traditional jewelry. Dad’s love Titanium and Tungsten jewelry because it’s as tough as they are and it looks great.

  1. Mark Schneider : Wave Modern Men's Band

    Mark Schneider : Wave Modern Men’s Band

  2. Tungsten Burl Wood Inlay Band

    Tungsten Burl Wood Inlay Band

  3. Zirconium Tire-Tread Band

    Zirconium Tire-Tread Band


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Tungsten Carbide is one of the hardest substances on earth, rating up to 9.0 on the Mohs Scale (just under diamond). Because of this, it is used in various manly applications that Dad might appreciate such as tank ammunition, drill bits, and machine tools.

Titanium is more commonly known, but few people know how great Titanium jewelry can be. It is not quite as hard as Tungsten, but it’s very resilient, flexible, and incredibly strong.

No matter what your father’s style, we can help you find the perfect piece of jewelry to show him how much you care this year.

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