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Today’s Top Engagement Ring Trends

The styles you can’t miss

Once you’ve found “the one” the next thing you need to do is find “the ring.” While there are a lot of technical things to consider (the 4 C’s, gold karats, etc.), you can’t overstate the importance of getting the style of the ring right. More than anything else, the style of the ring is the first thing she will notice when you open the box.

Of course, you want to choose a style that’s going to stand the test of time, but you also want something that’s relevant and exciting today. If you already know what style of ring she wants, stop reading now and go find it. If you’re still here, keep going to see some of today’s hottest style trends for inspiration.

Vintage Halo Engagement Rings

Vintage halo style engagement rings
Three different takes on the vintage halo style
  1. Rose gold vintage halo engagement ring side

    Vintage Halo Engagement Ring with Diamond Accents

  2. Double Halo Milgrain Engagement Ring with Diamonds

    Double Halo Milgrain Engagement Ring with Diamonds

  3. Vintage Halo Engagement Ring with Diamonds

    Vintage Halo Engagement Ring with Diamonds


The halo design, which features a center diamond surrounded by smaller accent diamonds, has become a modern classic. Today, we are seeing designers add their own unique touches to the traditional halo pattern to create new and interesting variations. One of these variations is what we call the Vintage Halo shape.

This design can take many forms, but the crux of it is a modification of the lines of the halo to make more complicated, pincushion-like shapes in place of the ubiquitous round and cushion outlines. These pointed shapes give the ring an elegant, vintage flair calling to mind the intricate designs found in baroque cathedrals or the palace at Versailles.

The vintage halo look is a perfect example of how a subtle, tasteful change to a classic design can create something entirely new and exciting.

Open and Woven Shank Engagement Rings

Open and woven criss cross shank engagement rings
Notice the intricate designs leading up to the center stones
  1. Woven Shank Morganite Halo Ring

    Woven Shank Morganite Halo Ring

  2. Contemporary halo engagement ring - side

    Simple Contemporary Halo Engagement Ring


First we need a bit of terminology. The part of the ring that wraps around your finger and leads up to the center design is called the ring shank.

Traditionally, there is only a single, unbroken ring shank or perhaps there are two or three separate shanks that split off to connect to the center design at different points. Today, we are seeing more and more designs featuring creative open and woven patterns in the ring shank.

With these designs, the shank is no longer just a structural piece that’s there to hold accent diamonds and keep the ring around your finger. Now the metal work itself has become an integral part of the design with complex patterns and flowing lines. These design features give the rings a finished, and well-thought out feel. The ring shank is not afterthought but a key component in the design that has been carefully crafted and executed.

Double Halo Engagement Ring

Double halo engagement rings
What’s the only thing better than one halo?
  1. Double Square Halo Engagement Ring with Criss-Cross Shank

    Double Square Halo Engagement Ring with Criss-Cross Shank

  2. Double halo split shank engagement ring

    Double Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring


If one halo is good, two are even better. This trend is another variation of the halo design that takes the concept one step farther.

One of the key appeals of the halo is that it enhances the look of the center diamond and even makes it appear larger than it is. This is because the accent diamonds are set close around the center diamond giving the impression of one huge, sparkling fireball. The double halo magnifies this effect even more by place a second ring of diamonds around the outside of the halo.

These designs make a big impression and come with a sense of glamor and flash not found in many other engagement rings.

So there you have it, three of today’s hottest engagement ring style trends. What’s your favorite trend? Or, do you know of a trend that we missed? Let us know in the comments or your favorite social site (we’re on them all, @ardenjewelers).

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