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Manly Jewelry for Men

Alternative Metals and Nugget Styles for Men

Mens rings available now at Arden Jewelers
Modern styles for men available at Arden Jewelers

Men don’t always get the attention they deserve from the jewelry industry. But, in the last few years we have seen an explosion of new options for men.

At Arden Jewelers we have a custom curated selection of men’s wedding bands featuring both traditional styles alongside all of today’s hottest looks and materials. We’ve been working hard to add a selection of these pieces to our website for you to browse anytime. Here are a handful of the recent additions you can choose from online or in store today.

Alternative Metals

You may see some materials here that you don’t recognize. Titanium and Tungsten have become well known as jewelry metals, but we also offer bands in some more unique materials like Zirconium, Cobalt, Carbon Fiber, etc.

If you are curious about any of these new options, checkout our article on alternative metals for men’s jewelry. We break down all of today’s most common metals and give you the pros and cons for each. If you are considering an alternative metal wedding band, this article can definitely help you decide which option is right for you.

  1. Tungsten Burl Wood Inlay Band

    Tungsten Burl Wood Inlay Band

  2. Zirconium Tire-Tread Band

    Zirconium Tire-Tread Band

  3. Cobalt Yellow Gold Inlay Band

    Cobalt Yellow Gold Inlay Band


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Men’s Nugget Jewelry

There’s something distinctly masculine about wearing a raw chunk of metal that’s been dug up from the ground and welded to ring. Maybe that’s why so many men are embracing this time honored look. We have a great selection of natural nugget rings at the shop and online right now for you to choose from. Plus, we also have raw nuggets that you can use to make a custom nugget ring personalized just for you.

A wedding band upgrade is an awesome gift for that manly in man in your life. So, what are you waiting for? Shop online or visit us today.

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  1. Fe says:

    I would prefer to see more in the way of men’s bracelets. I’m more the solid gold type 18-22 and 24k, can’t wear silver against the skin and have ideas of my own but can’t find this item with a masculine appeal.

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