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Jewelry, Family, and What Really Matters

Every day people living extraordinary lives

One Saturday, a client came in to sell her jewelry. Things were going along normally with the evaluation of the jewelry. It was a larger than normal sale, and she had been around to a few other jewelers. Our offer was the highest, and she decided to sell. When filling out the paper work, she explained to her daughter (age 12-ish) that she was selling her jewelry so she could pay her next medical bill. This was the third treatment, and she felt it was not going to work. She did not want to be a financial burden on her family.

She was explaining to her daughter that a woman always thinks of her family first. The jewelry is just stuff to enjoy then use to help when the family is in need. She was speaking with the dignity and wisdom that you only read about.

In her mind she was facing death. Her thoughts were not about her but her family. I think about that old question: “What would you do if you only had 24 hours to live?” I feel my client would spend that time making sure her family’s needs were met. I can almost see her at night when everyone else is asleep writing letters to her daughter to be opened at different ages.

With all the craziness of the world news, it is comforting to run across every day people living extraordinary lives.

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