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The New Heirloom

Meaningful gifts for the people you care about

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. If you are searching for a thoughtful and beautiful gift for that special someone in your life, you have come to the right place.

Each year we have a different theme for our gift guide. Some years it’s all about love and romance. Some years we focus on over the top, absolute “wow” gifts, and some years it’s all about not breaking the bank. This year, our gift guide is about the story behind the jewelry. We want to focus on gifts that are more than sparkly. These gifts have a deeper meaning.

What does jewelry mean to you? Of course, when you are shopping for a new piece, you want it to be well made to stand the test of time. Then, you know you can pass it on to the next generation to enjoy and treasure as an heirloom when the time comes. This is a beautiful thing, and it’s why you won’t find cheaply made, “promotional” jewelry in our shop. But, is there more to it than that?

Your jewelry can be a reflection of your values and what you believe in. That’s what the new definition of heirloom is about: going beyond just a quality piece to something that stands for who you are. For this year’s holiday specials, we wanted to fully embrace this idea. So, we came up with these two collections:

The True North Collection

True North - Always be true to your North Star

  1. Sale!
    True North - Diamond North Star Necklace

    True North : Diamond North Star Necklace

    Original price was: $1,750.00.Current price is: $995.00.
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  2. Sale!
    True North - North Star Necklace in Rose Gold

    True North : Rose Gold North Star Necklace

    Original price was: $795.00.Current price is: $595.00.
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  3. Sale!
    True North - Sterling Silver North Star Necklace

    True North : Sterling Silver North Star Necklace

    Original price was: $295.00.Current price is: $225.00.
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We created the True North collection to celebrate individuality and being true to yourself. These pieces represent the North Star, an ever-present beacon that shines in the night to guide travelers. This world pulls us in many different ways, and that’s why it’s so important to always remember to be true to yourself.

True North is a daily reminder to not let anyone else dictate who you should be, but to stay true to your north star. It may not point in the same direction as everyone else’s, and that’s ok! The unique design of the pendant lets you wear it many different ways. So, you can change it up and make it your own.

The meaning of the True North collection goes even farther than this though. As you know, the North Star is a fixed and dependable point in an ever changing sky. That’s why sailors and navigators have used it throughout history to find their way. What better symbol could there be for that ever present partner in your life? Give this gift to someone to tell them that they are your North Star. You know you can always count on them to be there for you, right where you need them to be.

The entire True North collection is on sale 50% until December 24th, so buy yours today.

The Vintage Elegance Collection

Vintage jewelry Christmas gifts

  1. Platinum estate pear cut diamond ring front view

    Vintage Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

  2. Antique Diamond Ring with Filigree Accents

    Antique Diamond Ring with Filigree Accents

  3. black pearl and diamond ring front view

    Black Tahitian Pearl and Baguette Diamond Cocktail Ring


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Relive the golden age with this amazing jewelry. Whether you love Art Deco, Art Nouveau, the 20s, 40s, 60s, or another style, you will find something for you in our extensive vintage jewelry collection.

Also, if reducing your environmental impact is important to you, you have to consider vintage and estate jewelry. These pieces not only look great, but because you’re buying estate, your purchase will have almost zero environmental impact. You can be proud of these heirlooms because they represent what matters to you. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, so shop now and find yours today.

Right now we are offering an additional 30% off on top of the storewide* sale price on all vintage and estate jewelry in-store only.

The Ghosts of Christmases Past

Of course, you’re not limited to these two collections. Here are some of our best gift ideas from past Christmases that you might be interested in:

  • Rare and Beautiful

    The unique jewelry gift Rare and Beautiful collection

    Be One of a Kind Introducing the Rare and Beautiful collection. This unique line of handmade jewelry features uncommon gems in modern, stylish mountings. Only one piece in each style will be...

  • Mistletoe and Holly

    Rose gold and morganite jewelry gifts 2017

    Mistletoe and Holly This gorgeous collection features soft pink gemstones like rose quartz and morganite set in rose gold. The colors are a prefect compliment to each other creating a beautiful...

  • White Christmas

    Pearl earrings and pendants

    White Christmas This classic collection features pearl earrings and necklaces in a beautiful variety of styles and price ranges. Pearls exude a timeless beauty and a subtle elegance that no...

  • Twinkle Lights

    Opal rings and necklaces

    Twinkle Lights This stunning collection features high quality opal rings and pendants set in 14k and 18k gold. Opal is like no other gemstone, and these pieces all put on a unique light show...

  • Balance : Earth-Friendly Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

    Balance environmentally friendly engagement rings

    Celebrate What Matters to You Introducing a new line of engagement rings built with you in mind. These original designs are handcrafted in our Sacramento studio using recycled gold and lab grown...

Still not seeing what you’re looking for? We have way more jewelry in stock than we are able to show online. Here are some more great options for you:

Whatever you decide this year, we hope you have a warm and happy holiday season.

* Our storewide sale is 10% off in-store only on all jewelry excluding Mark Schneider and Jen Leseas Designs.

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