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Estate and Vintage Engagement Rings

Finding the perfect estate or vintage engagement ring is a bit like a treasure hunt. An engagement ring that stands the test of time and can be passed on to another’s care is unique in the jewelry world. When you find the right estate engagement ring, it is like unearthing a personal treasure.

The engagement ring history stretches back thousands of yearsSimple used jewelry like that found at a pawn shop is often sold as estate. This is true in one sense as estate can simply mean “previously owned.” But, to qualify as an estate engagement ring at Arden Jewelers a piece must meet a high standard of excellence. First, the style has to be something that can be appreciated. The wonderful aspect of estate jewelry is that it does not follow today’s fads. The individual styles of bygone eras and the eclectic tastes from around the world make estate engagement rings so charming. A quality vintage piece will stand out from the crowd of modern imitations and remakes.

Next, the condition must meet the expectations of an engagement ring. By their very nature, engagement rings they are worn as daily jewelry. The estate piece must be able to standup to the rigors of daily wear. In order to meet this standard, the ring may need to be reconditioned. The reconditioning process may include new tips (learn about retipping) to hold the gems in place, reinforcing worn supports, or replacing the ring shank. If a vintage engagement ring is not bought up to these quality standards, it may turn out to be a very disappointing purchase. So, we won’t sell an estate piece until we have completed all necessary reconditioning.

Estate engagement rings offer a great value. Since these pieces are pre-owned, you don’t pay the premium that they originally commanded as brand-new jewelry. But, the real value of an estate engagement ring comes from wearing a piece of history that expresses your unique style and personality today.

  1. Platinum estate pear cut diamond ring front view

    Vintage Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

  2. Antique Diamond Ring with Filigree Accents

    Antique Diamond Ring with Filigree Accents

  3. Vintage look cushion halo engagement ring

    Cushion Halo Engagement Ring with Side Diamonds


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