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Diamond Setting Style Comparison

Setting names and information to help you choose the right one for your wedding ring

Diamond engagement ring setting styles
Learn about how diamonds are set

Becoming familiar with popular styles of stone setting can help you decide what you do and don’t like when it comes to engagement rings. It’s a great starting point whether you are shopping for your engagement ring now or just getting ideas for the future. The following are some of the most common stone setting styles.

4 Prong Setting

It’s not hard to see why this style is persistently popular. Its classic simplicity makes it a timeless choice. You will see 4 prong settings in a broad range of designs, from cathedral shanks to tapered shanks, and diamond accents to no accents. Whether you prefer a minimal solitaire design, or something more extravagant, this setting style is quite versatile.

  1. compass cathedral diamond engagement ring front view

    Diamond Accent Engagement Ring with Compass Gallery Setting

  2. Delicate Simple Shank Engagement Ring with Diamonds

    Delicate Simple Engagement Ring with Diamonds

  3. Delicate Cathedral Engagement Ring with Diamonds

    Delicate Cathedral Engagement Ring with Diamonds


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6 Prong Setting

As a prong setting, this style is similar to the 4 prong setting. However, the 6 prong style has its own distinct look, as well as providing the stone with a bit more security. A 6 prong setting is a wise choice for those who appreciate the prong style, but who have a more active lifestyle. This is also the setting style used in the iconic “Tiffany Setting.”

  1. through view of Diamond Engagement Ring with Tulip Style Mounting in Yellow Gold

    Diamond Engagement Ring with Tulip Style Mounting in Yellow Gold

  2. 6 prong diamond engagement ring front

    Six Prong Round Engagement Ring with Accent Diamonds

  3. Geometric Double Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

    Geometric Double Diamond Halo Engagement Ring


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Channel Setting

A channel setting is so named because it holds the stone between two parallel pieces of metal, with the girdle–or edge–of the stone being partially embedded into the metal at those two points. This method of setting holds the stone securely, while allowing more of the stone to be visible. When a diamond is suspended in a channel setting, it allows more light to reach the underside of the stone, making it appear to best advantage.

The strong, clean lines of the channel setting often lend themselves to a more modern, simplified look. This setting style also compliments diamonds with straight edges, like princess cuts, quite well.

  1. Mark Schneider : Blissful Contemporary Engagement Ring

    Mark Schneider : Blissful Contemporary Engagement Ring


Bezel Setting

This style has risen to popularity more recently than the others on this list. A bezel setting completely surrounds the stone with metal, giving a more sleek and minimalist vibe, while providing maximum security for the gem. It is a trending style for modern designs, including engagement rings, stackable rings, and even stretching its influence to other jewelry accessories like pendants and earrings.

  1. Balance eco friendly lab grown diamond solitaire engagement ring - Top

    Balance : Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

  2. Balance eco friendly lab grown diamond engagement ring - Front

    Balance : Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring with Accents


Illusion Setting

The illusion setting effectively enhances whatever diamond is set into it, making it appear larger, and increasing its sparkle. The setting style has experienced its ebbs and flows of popularity in recent centuries. The most notable surge of popularity was probably during the Art Deco period, toward the beginning of the 20th century. However, the style has persisted through the decades. It offers an unusual and artistic option for engagement ring designs.

Can’t decide which setting style is best for you? Love a particular style, but don’t see a ring in your budget? Please feel free to contact us (by text, email, or phone). Our expert gemologists and jewelry designers would love to help you find or create your perfect engagement ring.