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Stackable Birthstone Ring

Silver Stackable Ring with Cushion Cut Pink TourmalineSilver Stackable Ring with Cushion Cut Citrine AngledSilver Stackable Ring with Cushion Cut Garnet SideSilver Stackable Ring with Cushion Cut Pink Tourmaline Top


These stackable rings make birthstone jewelry cool again. Each ring features a simple band and a cushion cut gemstone for the chosen month. The gems are set so that you can wear more than one of these ring, and they will fit snugly up against each other creating the effect of one larger ring.

They make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Just choose a ring for the birth month of each of her children. She can stack them however she wants and have a very personal and stylish piece to wear everyday.

Each ring features a 4mm cushion cut gemstone.

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3 g
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Sterling Silver?
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