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  1. Silver Stackable Ring with Cushion Cut Blue Topaz

    Stackable Birthstone Ring

  2. Peridot Bezel Solitaire Ring

    Peridot Bezel Solitaire Ring


Fine Jewelry University

  1. Loose fantasy cut aquamarine

    Gem in the Spotlight: Aquamarine

    Aquamarine derives its name from the Latin which literally means “seawater,” a tribute to its beautiful blue color. As a member of the beryl family, Aquamarine has some illustrious cousins in addition to a rich tradition of its own. The Mythology of Aquamarine Long associated with tranquility and happiness, aquamarine was also thought to instill courage, cure laziness, and sharpen the intellect. The ancient Greeks used aquamarine often in jewelry believing it captured the true spirit of the sea. Best known for its beautiful blue color, aquamarine was used to... read more »

  2. The Birthstones

    January’s Birthstone: Garnet January babies born in the midst of cold, white (valley fog) and at times stark surroundings are rewarded with one of the most varying birth gemstones, Garnet. Garnet’s pizzazz energizes the gloomiest day. Garnet varieties brighten the world in colors of yellow to gold, bright orange to true orange, brown to cinnamon, pinks to greens, and of course many shades of red. Garnets are given as symbols of consistency, perseverance and good health. Garnet is also regarded as the gem of faith, constancy and truth and possesses... read more »

Blog Posts

  1. Stackable birthstone rings for Mothers Day

    Stackable Birthstone Rings for Mom

    Finding a stylish piece of jewelry that also holds personal significance is not an easy task. This year for Mother's Day, we are introducing a brand new line of stackable birthstone rings. These trendy and modern rings feature a single birthstone each, so mom can stack multiple rings together for each of her children. They make a unique and heartfelt gift that looks great too... read more »