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  1. A picture of our new laser engraver with the text Laser and a person doing air quotes in front of it

    Meet Our New Laser Engraver

    In this video we introduce you to our brand new laser engraver and show off some of the many amazing things it can do. We get a little carried away engraving just about everything in our office. Now that we can do in-house laser engraving, you have many more options available to you... read more »

Blog Posts

  1. Dark picture of a laser engraver with red and blue lights on it

    In-House Laser Engraving is Now Available

    Our brand-new laser engraver opens up exciting new possibilities for personalized jewelry. In addition to the standard names, dates, and initials we are exploring more complex engravings like photos, fingerprints, maps, and tessellations. The sky is the limit, so if you have an idea for a custom engraving, we would love to help you with it. Contact us to talk with one of our jewelry designers today... read more »